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No ZX81?

very good


Just purchased a copy of Rodman from TFW8B for C16. Many thanks. Was hoping to grab a PRG to stick on the SD2IEC, if that's at all possible?


I added D64 file for C16. I'm pretty sure it works on the SD2IEC

Will give it a shot at the weekend!
Many thanks!

This works great.
Many thanks!

Any chance of the Oric version being added to the list? Outside of the sold out Special Edition boxed set it’s not available anywhere.

Oric, Amstrad CPC and MSX versions added! Enjoy!

Thank you!

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Cool game. If I recall correctly, I thought that I saw a video of the C64 .tap version of Rodman a long time back. Any chance for a .tap version to be added to itch?

Hi!  ..and thanks
Sorry, I don't have a turbo loader version of Rodmän (that official version) just right now. Daniel Kahlin made it and he's busy.


Okay, no problem.