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Guide RodMän around the maze, collecting the round purple things. Also collect the yellow diamonds because they're bombs and can be used to blow up RodMans enemies.

When moving around, avoid the things which are also moving around, as they aren't very nice.

Apparently, the things that move are called
● Naughtly Nic
● Dirty Tim
● Desperate Dave
● Spurious Pete
● Teflon Timmy
Although no one knows why.

There are three levels, and each level has three screens:
● Garden
● House
● Basement
Giving a total of nine unique screens.

Digital download includes 6 different versions (Commodore64, Commodore VIC-20 + 16k extra mem, ZX-Spectrum, and few versions for Atari 8-bit)

If you want to buy a physical copy which includes all 8 versions, go to:


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Published 17 days ago
TagsCommodore 64, Retro, VIC-20, ZX Spectrum


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rodman_c64.prg 14 kB
rodman_spectrum.tap 21 kB
rodman_vic20.prg 14 kB
rodman_atari.xex 13 kB
rodman_atari_hires.xex 13 kB
rodman_atari_5200.rom 16 kB


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Cool game. If I recall correctly, I thought that I saw a video of the C64 .tap version of Rodman a long time back. Any chance for a .tap version to be added to itch?

Hi!  ..and thanks
Sorry, I don't have a turbo loader version of Rodmän (that official version) just right now. Daniel Kahlin made it and he's busy.


Okay, no problem.