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Dr TyneHul needs his onions and you have to help him. 

Classic platformer, pushing the VIC-20 to it's scrolling limits.

The game needs +32k extra memory

If you want to buy a physical cartridge The Future Was 8 Bit

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Tags8-Bit, Retro, VIC-20


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vic20_cheese_and_onion_32k.d64 170 kB


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I've just tried the game on my real Vic20+Megacart (I'll soon get a Penultimate as well). What to say? It's great, the parallax is superb, sprites, title music, sfx and scroll are awesome, especially considering this is a Vic20. How much I love this little, great machine.
The only criticism I give is the "infinite lives" gamestyle. I can't find any challenge in it. I would love a version with three or four lives, then it would be perfect.
In any case, a must for each Vic20 owner.


I made "infinite lives" feature because some people think my games are too hard. It could work with 3-4 lives. Who knows.. 

I wanted create something less challenging for kids and their slow retro parents. :D

I understand!
If you'll add an option to play it with 3 lives I will definitely become a fan of this game.

This happened also with some excellent games for the ZX Spectrum, but to me and others born in the 80s this kind of style is like a cheat mode. =P

But please, consider this just as my feelings and keep up the great work!

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Awesome, but the game doesn't run on MiSTer's VIC-20 core (sound, but no picture), so I made a longplay with savestates on BMVIC20 (Randy Rossi's BMC64 project) instead.

hmm.. somebody had problems on Mister. 

Mister worked NTSC but VIC core tried act like PAL... or something like that

..and an amazing video again!


I can now confirm that the game runs fine on MiSTer too. I only had the settings for the screen center set to "both" (horizontally and vertically centered image). I never had issues with this setting before. Resetting to "none" fixed it.

Anyway, it would definitely not have been an one-life longplay on MiSTer, since of course you cannot create savestates with it ;-)


С&О uses screen position/size tricks. Maybe it causes these problems. 

Amazing game. I bought the cartridge (with my brother for our shared retro collection) when it came out so I already know that this is one of the most impressive Vic game ever. Pentagorat, however, offers some stiff competition!


I tested new ideas with PET Cheese and Chive. Maybe I'll make a decent sequel for VIC-20.. someday.. :D 

I have seen Cheese and Chive - very impressive for a PET game. I really hope you do return to "AAA" Vic games. Bloody x-mas is good fun but it can't compare to Cheese and Onion or Pentagorat.